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Questioned identities: coexististence and interreligious conflicts in the Mediterranean

By 19 January 2018March 12th, 2019Pubblications

The concept of identity is one of the most debated in social science. Coexistence between Jews, Muslims and Christians in the Mediterranean during the Medieval and Modern era is a perfect geographical and chronological setting to question the utility of this concept. Thanks to some European researchers’ works, a global revision of the concept is analysed in this book through history, history of arts and literature. Which role will religions and politics play in the re-affirmation of Mediterranean peoples’ different identities? Which myths marked religious otherness studies? Which role will art play as a catalyst for those conflicts? These are some of the focal questions of this book, and the authors will try to answer.

edited by: Borja Franco Bruno Pomara Manuel Lomas Bárbara Ruiz

Identidades cuestionadas : Coexistencia y conflictos interreligiosos en el Mediterráneo (ss. XIV-XVIII)

Universitat de València, Valencia 2016