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September 2015

‘Cities and Religions. Past and Present for a peaceful coexistence’. A new scholarship

By Announcements

On the occasion of the Forum ‘Unity in Diversity’, that will take place in Florence next 5th-8th November 2015, with the participation of the Mayors of a hundred cities around the world specifically involved in peace and peaceful coexistence among people, reminding a similar initiative thought and desired in 1965 by the Mayor of Florence Giorgio La Pira, the Sangalli Institute offers its third scholarship for this year, whose title is ‘Cities and Religions. Past and Present for a peaceful coexistence’, in collaboration with the Municipality of Florence, promoter of the Forum, and with the participation of UBI – Banco di Brescia. The winner will be rewarded by the Mayor of Florence Dario Nardella and by the President of our Institute during the days of the Forum. Download the announcement for more details.

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