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Conferences and Seminars

The Sangalli Institute for the history and religious cultures an institution whose aim is to study historical and religious topics in a long-period perspective, from Middle Ages to the present age, but concerning also some particular aspects of more distant eras.
Its interests, apart from Christianity, are intended to establish useful and necessary comparisons with other religions and cultures, particularly when they were interacting in a same territory or age.

Its aim is also to enrich those topics with the contributions of other disciplines, like for instance theology and philosophy, literature and history of the language, history of law and economy, arts and architecture and so on.

For these purposes, the Institute establishes partnerships with public and private institutions, promoting some common plans of researches and financially supporting the works of some young scholars.

Therefore, the Sangalli Institute deals with those topics using any possible means of communication, like:

  • conferences
  • discussions on books
  • lectures
  • seminars
  • congresses

Though the Institute is essentially a research institution, its purpose is to organize and participate to some occasions of public thinking over the topics related to the inter-confessional and inter-religious dialogue, opened to a larger and less specialized public.

‘Empires and Religions (1450-1850)’. Sixth international workshop for young researchers

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After the pause due to the pandemic, here is the sixth edition of our international workshop for young researchers, that will take place in Florence from the 25th to the…

The Archives of the Roman Noble Families: II° Summer Workshop, Rome 22nd-26th May 2023

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From Monday 22nd to Friday 26th May the second summer workshop organized by our Institute in order to facilitate a deepen knowledge of the archives of some important Roman noble…

Religious Relations, Conflicts and Mobilities from Middle Ages to the Contemporary Era – Spring Program 2023

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Here we are with the spring series of online launches entitled 'Religious relations, conflicts and mobilities from Middle Ages to the Contemporary Era', organized by our former scholarship owners Matteo…

Migrations in Italy during the Middle Ages

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On Thursday 16th March 2023, at 5.30 pm, in the Institute headquarters, the launch of Ermanno Orlando's 'Medioevo migratorio. Mobilità, contatti e interazioni in Italia nei secoli V-XV', il Mulino…

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