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June 2018

Kant and Russian ortodoxy

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The diffusion of Kant philosophy in Russian culture was significantly premature: even orthodox ecclesiastic Academies were involved in this process, despite the strict censorship, which defended metaphysics and theological traditions. History and sources of Ecclesiastic Academics philosophy are also analysed through two authors’ works (I.Ja. Vetrinskij and P.D. Jurkevic), which explain the awareness of an essential comparison to the criticism. The inquiry about the reception is analysed in an appendix about the complex evolution of Kantian studies during the decades of the Soviet regime.

Vera Pozzi

Kant e l’ortodossia russa, Accademie ecclesiastiche e filosofia in Russia tra XVIII e XIX secolo

Firenze University Press, Firenze 2017

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By Pubblications

The book rebuilds a little known event: the arrival of thousands of exiled moriscos in Italy, descendant of Arabic-muslim origins, occupying Iberic Peninsula for centuries. Christianised after the Reconquista (1492), they were often accused of crypto-Islamism and treason and finally expelled and deported from Spain (1609-1614). What were the obstacles of refugees in the exodus? How did the authorities behave facing their landings? In which way did refugees interact with local populations? Current questions posed to ancient problems, already experienced in other occasions in Italy, in its political fragmentation.

Bruno Pomara Saverino

Rifugiati, I moriscos e l’Italia

Firenze University Press, Firenze 2017

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Workshop call for papers ‘Ethnical and Racial Discriminations and Religious Identities: Norms, Practices and Interactions, 1400-1850’

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Inspired by the alarming re-emerging of racist, xenophobic and anti-semitic feelings and behaviors in our societies, the Sangalli Institute offers 12 grants for young researchers who wish to participate to the workshop “Ethnical and Racial Discriminations and Religious Identities: Norms, Practices and Interactions, 1400-1850”. The participation is open to young researchers in historical, anthropological, literary and art-historical disciplines and in religious studies. The workshop will take place at our Institute from October 24th to 26th 2018, with the participation of renowned Italian and foreign scholars: download the call for papers for more details.

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