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A hindered way

By 16 October 2019February 27th, 2023Pubblications

Summer 1968: two young Spanish boys come to Rome bringing with them a letter and a project to export. They are Francisco (Kiko) Argüello and Carmen Hernández. It officially starts the Neocatechumenical Way and after fifty years by its foundation, this book is one of the first historiographical researches. Comparing archive’s texts to unpublished works, the Neocatechumenical Way is intertwined with Church of Rome’s historical events from the end of the Second Vatican Council till nowadays. From the study of a minor reality, this work aims to shed light on more general matters: from the Second Vatican Council’s reception to the relationship amid episcopates; from the New Dutch Catechism to the entrance of lay and organized laity in the Church; from the liturgical revision to the “liturgical liberalism”.

Francesca Campigli

A hindered way.

Firenze University Press, Firenze 2018

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