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‘Entangled Knowledges: Judaism, Christianity, Islam (XIIIth-XIXth c.)’. Workshop for young researchers

By 12 September 2019Conferences

Here is the fifth edition of our international workshop for young researchers, that will take place in Florence from the 2nd to the 4th of October 2019, and during which they will have the opportunity to discuss their scientific topics with renowned Italian and foreign scholars. ‘Entangled Knowledges: Education and Culture in Judaism, Christianity and Islam (XIIIth-XIXth c.)’: a long periodization for a conference which aims to compare the rabbinic and christian schools, together with the islamic madrassas, paying attention to the multiple ways of the transmission of knowledge, to their influences, to the numerous relations in general with the culture of the different people and religions. Also this year the workshop will be under the auspices of the Waldensian Church of Florence and the Protestant Cultural Center ‘Pietro Martire Vermigli’, and will be introduced by the On. Flavia Piccoli Nardelli, member of the Cultural Commission of the Italian Chamber of Deputees, and by Alessandro Martini, Counsellor to the religious confessions of the Municipality of Florence. Download here the program for more details.


Program 'Entangled Knowledges'