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‘The Archives of the Holy See’: I° Winter Workshop, Rome 20th-24th January 2020

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From Monday 20th to Friday 24th January 2020 the first winter workshop organized by our Institute in order to facilitate a deepen knowledge of the archives of the Holy See and of the documents preserved therein will take place in Rome, at the Sala Erba inside the Barnabite complex of S. Carlo ai Catinari. The lectures will be held by professors Gianfranco Armando, Benedetta Borello, Giorgio Caravale, Giovanni Pizzorusso and Vitale Zanchettin. The workshops on the documents will be entrusted to Dr. Matteo Binasco and Dr. Giuseppe Mrozek. And there will be guided tours to the following archives: Apostolico Vaticano; Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith; Vicariate of Rome; de Propaganda Fide and Fabbrica di San Pietro. A new occasion addressed to young and older scholars of various disciplines in order to support the historical research and the enhancement of the ecclesiastical documentary heritage. Download here the inauguration poster.

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Young Scholars Florence Fellowships 2019: the results

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Here are the results of the ‘Young Scholars Florence Fellowships 2019’

1st March-30th June / 15th September-15th December 2019

Mariana García Palacios (Universidad de Buenos Aires – Argentina) ‘Children and Childhood within Religious Studies. An Interdisciplinary Approach to the Study of Qom Children’s Religious Knowledge’ Olga Kusenko (Russian Academy of Sciences Institute of Philosophy, Moscow – Federazione Russa) ‘Riflessioni sulle vie della cultura cristiana nel XX secolo. Il caso delle ricerche russe sul pensiero filosofico rinascimentale (Zabughin, Anan’in, Bibikhin)’ Julia Rombough (University of Toronto – Canada) ‘Sound and Air Quality in the Florentine Convents, XVIth-XVIIth Centuries’ The Scientific Direction of our Institute has appreciated and very positively valued all the tens of applications received and, after a careful and in-depth assessment, has chosen the three above-mentioned winners, who are indicated in strictly alphabetical order, pointing out that the excluded candidates will be able to apply for the next call for fellowships.

The ‘Sangalli Institute Award for the Religious History 2019’: the merit ranking

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The merit ranking of the ‘Sangalli Institute Award for the Religious History 2019’ (two winners)

  1. Jacopo De Santis (first award)
  2. Giulia Vidori (second award)
  3. Davi Chang Ribeiro Lin
  4. Davide Esposito
  5. Renato Giacomelli
  6. Luca Al Sabbagh – Miriam Benfatto – Maria Elena Cuenca Rodríguez – Francesca Guiducci – Roberto Marinaccio – Silvia Toppetta

The Committee has judged worth of serious attention all the applications. The selection was managed by asking a detailed referee to the members of the Committee specialist in every single scientific areas. Then, the Committee has fulfilled a second turn of selection, compiling the above quoted merit ranking, gathering together the essays which were comparable for quality and coherence.

The Archives of the Holy See: the results of the selection

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Here are the 12 candidates selected to participate to the workshop ‘The Archives of the Holy See: an Introduction’, which will take place in Rome from 20th to 24th January 2020.

1) Mariana Brum Fonseca – Portugal
2) Ruiwen Chen – Hong Kong (China)
3) Cristina Costa Gomes – Portugal
4) Mariana Françozo – The Netherlands
5) Gilbert D. Jones – United States
6) Francesco P. Lacopo – United States
7) Ben Long – Ireland
8) Karina Moret-Miranda – Australia
9) Isabel Murta Pina – Portugal
10) Abigail Ortega – Spain
11) Devaka Premawardhana – United States
12) Ian M. Shank – United States

Sacred Musics and Songs in San Firenze, waiting for Christmas

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On Sunday 15th December 2019, at 4.30 pm, the AltreNote Choir of Rome, in collaboration with our Institute and the community of the Fathers of San Filippo Neri in Florence, will give a concert of sacred musics and songs inside the amazing baroque context of the church of San Firenze. Specialized in songs of the Christian and Jewish traditions, with an opening towards the traditions of the various continents, AltreNote will join our Institute, which aims, in doing so, to wish a Merry Christmas. Download here for more details.

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The correspondence La Pira-Montini in Palermo

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On Friday 29th November 2019, at 5 pm, a new step of the launch of the book ‘Scrivo all’amico. Carteggio (1930-1963)’ will take place in the prestigious Palazzo delle Aquile in Palermo, the headquarters of the Municipality of the Sicilian city. Maurizio Sangalli, University for foreigners of Siena, and Giorgio Scichilone, University of Palermo, will discuss about the letters exchanged in the central decades of the Twentieth century between Giorgio La Pira, Mayor of Florence, and Giovanni Battista Montini, the future pope Paul VI. The critical work on the letters was edited by Maria Chiara Rioli and Giuseppe Emiliano Bonura, taking advantage of a scholarship of our Institute. The launch will be chaired by the Mayor of Palermo Leoluca Orlando. Download here for more details.

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Removing obstacles. The European Constitutions at school

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Next Friday and Saturday 15th and 16th November 2019 the second appointment of the project ‘Removing obstacles. Fundamental Rights and Constitutions’ will take place. Conceived and organized by our Institute and financially supported by the Fondazione Marchi in Florence, under the auspices of the Società italiana per lo studio della storia contemporanea (Sissco) and in collaboration with the Fondazione Intercultura of Colle di Val d’Elsa, some tens of students coming from the high schools of Florence, Prato and Pescia will gather at the prestigious Convitto Nazionale Francesco Cicognini of Prato together with some other students coming from Denmark, France, Germany and Netherlands to hear and discuss with renowned university scholars on the fundamental principles of the Constitutions of their own country. This two days conference represents the conclusion of a path developed all along the present year: a relevant step was, in September and October, some artistic workshops, coordinated by Rodolfo Sacchettini and Francesca Sarteanesi, during which the students were able to create a web-series, shooted and assembled by Lele Marcojanni from Bononia, and that will be presented during the conference. Download here for more details.

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Iran: Forty Years of Revolution

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On Thursday 14th November 2019, at 6 pm, an event on the fortieth anniversary of the Khomeini’s revolution in Iran will take place at the Sala multimediale of S. Maria Novella in Florence, in collaboration with the Department of education, university and research and the Department for the relations with the religious confessions of the Municipality of Florence. The journalist Luciana Borsatti, for many years correspondent from Teheran of the Ansa Agency, will interview Parisa Nazari, a woman of Iranian origins who lives in Italy and is very dynamic from a professional, cultural and artistic point of view. Through that extraordinary witness, we will be able to recall the nowadays life in Iran, the religious and political aspects, the society, the condition of young people and the women. At the end of the afternoon, a buffet with plates from the Middle East traditions prepared by the Istituto alberghiero Aurelio Saffi of Florence in collaboration with our Institute will be offered to the public. Download here for more details.

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Young Scholars Florence Fellowships 2020: the results

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Here are the results of the ‘Young Scholars Florence Fellowships 2020’

15th January-30th June / 15th September-15th December 2020

Amy Birkan (Hebrew University of Jerusalem – Israele)

‘Inducing Acts in Rabbinic Law and Comparative Legal Theory’

Katherine Tycz (University of Cambridge, St Catharine’s College  – Gran Bretagna)

‘Printed Prayers and Domestic Devotions in Renaissance Italy’

Lidia Luisa Zanetti Domingues (University of Oxford, St Cross College – Gran Bretagna)

‘The Place of God and the Place of the Commune: Changing Attitudes Towards the Death Penalty in the Italian City-States, ca. 1260-1360’

The Scientific Direction of our Institute has appreciated and very positively valued all the numerous applications received and, after a careful and in-depth assessment, has chosen the three above-mentioned winners, who are indicated in strictly alphabetical order. The non-selected candidates can obviously apply for the next fellowships call.

A hindered way

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Summer 1968: two young Spanish boys come to Rome bringing with them a letter and a project to export. They are Francisco (Kiko) Argüello and Carmen Hernández. It officially starts the Neocatechumenical Way and after fifty years by its foundation, this book is one of the first historiographical researches. Comparing archive’s texts to unpublished works, the Neocatechumenical Way is intertwined with Church of Rome’s historical events from the end of the Second Vatican Council till nowadays. From the study of a minor reality, this work aims to shed light on more general matters: from the Second Vatican Council’s reception to the relationship amid episcopates; from the New Dutch Catechism to the entrance of lay and organized laity in the Church; from the liturgical revision to the “liturgical liberalism”.

Francesca Campigli

A hindered way.

Firenze University Press, Firenze 2018

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