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‘Writing on Religion in the Modern Age’: the merit ranking

By 28 June 2016Rankings

Here is the merit ranking of the young researchers who applied to participate to the workshop ‘Writing on Religion in the Modern Age (XVIth-XVIIIth c.)’, that will take place in Florence next September 14th to 16th 2016, with the intervention of renowned Italian and foreign scholars. The Scientific Direction of our Institute has considered, during the selection, the pertinence of the projects to the topic of the workshop. The researchers from the thirteenth forward could be admitted in case of abandonment of one or more of the first 12 winners, who must accept within seven days of the notification of their admission. However, the participation to the workshop is free, warning of the potential presence needed.

  1. Hitomi Omata-Rappo
  2. Hugo Filipe Castilho Cabrita Martins
  3. Fabio Giovanni Locatelli
  4. M. Katya Mouris
  5. Anna Maria Vileno
  6. Giuseppe Fulvio Accardi
  7. Alessia Castagnino
  8. Gert Gielis
  9. Gintarė Petuchovaitė-Majauskė
  10. Thérèse Peeters
  11. Matteo Binasco
  12. Stefano Boero
  13. Michele Lodone
  14. Elisa Frei
  15. Ionuţ-Valentin Cucu
  16. Valeria La Motta
  17. Vincenzo Tedesco
  18. Eleonora Cappuccilli
  19. Bruno Lopes
  20. Constanza López Lamerain
  21. Alessandra Doria, Francesca Guiducci
  22. María Herranz Pinacho, Nere Jone Intxaustegi Jauregi, Federico Zuliani
  23. Francisco de Asís Martínez Gutiérrez, Marta Ruiz Sastre
  24. Davide Balestra, Cloe Cavero de Carondelet, Sante Di Biase