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The ‘Sangalli Institute Award for the Religious History’: the merit ranking

By 31 December 2015Rankings

The merit ranking of the ‘Sangalli Institute Award for the Religious History’ (tw0 winners)

  1. Alessandro Di Marco (first award)
  2. Samuela Marconcini (second award)
  3. Valeria La Motta
  4. Jacopo Cellini
  5. Mila Bondi
  6. Emilia Anna Gitto
  7. Valeria Fortunato – Carme Lopez Calderon – Maria Mercedes Perez Vidal
  8. Stefano Gagliano – Susana Gala Pellicer – Beatrice Saletti

The Committee has judged worth of serious attention all the applications. The selection was managed by asking a detailed referee to the members of the Committee specialist in every single scientific areas. Then, the Committee has fulfilled a second turn of selection, compiling the above quoted merit ranking by a large majority, gathering together the essays which were comparable for quality and coherence.