Orlando Furioso 1516-2016: the merit ranking

By 12 February 2016Rankings

Here is the merit ranking of the call for papers for the two-days conference ‘Orlando Furioso 1516-2016. New studies for the fifth centennial of the editio princeps’, which will take place in Reggio Emilia and Florence next 19th and 20th May 2016.

The scientific committee, together with the organisation office, has positively judged all the applications, compiling then the above mentioned merit ranking. The applications of Giuseppe Ligabue, Nicoletta Staccioli and Zhonghua Wang were not considered acceptable, because of formal and substancial defects.

The admitted researchers, in alphabetic order, are:

Francesco Brancati

Ida Campeggiani

Nicola Catelli

Andrea Cecchinato

Elisa Curti

Andrea Ghirarduzzi

Valentina Gritti

Jacopo Grosser

Nunzio La Fauci – Andrea Bonazzi – Maria Chiara Janner

Niccolò Maldina

Martina Mazzetti

Alessio Ricci

Giovanna Rizzarelli

The non admitted researchers, in numerical order, are:

  1. Anna Carocci
  2. Veronica Copello
  3. Federica Conselvan
  4. Ambra Anelotti
  5. Emma Grootveld
  6. Luca Ferraro
  7. Francesco Lucioli
  8. Beatrice Sica
  9. Sabina Longhitano
  10. Elisa Martini
  11. Carlotta Sticco
  12. Sara Giovine
  13. Maria Torregrossa