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Merit ranking of the scholarship ‘Cities and religions. Past and present for a peaceful coexistence’

By 29 October 2015Rankings

The merit ranking of the scholarship ‘Cities and religions’

1st November 2015 – 1st May 2016

  1. Aitana Guia (winner)
  2. James Garrison – Maria Chiara Rioli (special mention for both)
  3. Renato Girardi – Giuseppe Mrozek Eliszezynski – Vera Pozzi – Krisztina Toth
  4. Giovanni Cristina – Alessia Lirosi – Matteo Francesco Joachin Magnani
  5. Valentina Bartolucci – Marco Cavalazzi – Valeria La Motta

The judging Committee has judged very positively all the applications, which were worth of serious attention. The selection was also managed by asking a referee to external scholars of other involved scientific areas. Then, the Committee has fulfilled a second turn of selection, compiling the above quoted merit ranking. The final choice was addressed to those research plans which were more relevant to the subject of the scholarship and to the context of the international Forum ‘Unity in Diversity’, that will take place in Florence next 5th-8th November 2015, gathering together the plans which were comparable for quality and coherence.