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Florence Short Term Fellowships, 2016-17: the results

By 15 June 2016Rankings

Here are the results of the ‘Florence Short Term Fellowships Program, 2016-17’

1st July 2016 – 30th July 2017

Roberto Di Stefano (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

‘The Florentine Religious World of Domenico Migliorucci’

Abdullah Ibrahim (Doha, Qatar)

‘Islamic Centralism. A critical and historical Approach’

James W. Nelson Novoa (Ottawa, Canada)

‘Religious Identity among Portuguese New Christians in Pisa (1590-1630)’

Jonas Otterbeck (Lund, Sweden)

‘The Awakening of Islamic Pop Music’

Tabona Shoko (Harare, Zimbabwe)

‘Religion and Human Rights: the Church and the African Traditional Religion and Culture on Interfaith Mission and National Healing in Zimbabwe’

The Scientific Direction of our Institute has appreciated and very positively valued all the numerous applications received and, after a careful and in-depth assessment, has chosen the five above-mentioned winners, who are indicated in strictly alphabetical order.