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Translatio Sanctitatis

By 22 April 2020February 27th, 2023Pubblications

The book aims to analyze the hagiographic tradition of the thefts of relics in medieval Italy.
Since the theme of ‘furta sacra’ claims a consolidated historiographical tradition, it was decided to focus on texts and contexts that have not always received due attention in order to enhance its characteristics and affinities.
The heart of the book is concerning the analysis of the furtive translationes, hagiographical tales narrating the transfer of relics from one place to another following a theft. Through the study of historical contexts, narrative dynamics, literary themes and anthropological aspects, the book has tried to focus attention on the richness and complexity of the phenomenon over the centuries, outlining the history of a specific aspect of the cult of saints and relics, which is also history of the medieval culture and the medieval religious imagery.

Marco Papasidero

Translatio Sanctitatis

Firenze University Press, Firenze 2019

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