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The Florentine Chancellery during the Renaissance: Language and Style

Next Tuesday 9th April 2019, at the Sala storica ‘Dino Campana’ of the Biblioteca comunale delle Oblate in Florence, under the auspices of the Department for Libraries of the local Municipality, the launch of the book “Parole apte et convenienti”. La lingua della diplomazia fiorentina di metà Quattrocento, by Andrea Felici, edited by the Accademia della Crusca, will take place. Chaired by Giovanna Frosini, University for foreigners of Siena, the book will be presented by Antonio Corsaro, University of Urbino, and Jean-Jacques Marchand, Université de Lausanne. An important occasion to deepen the development of the Florentine vernacular as the language of the political-diplomatic relations. Download here for more details.


The Florentine Chancellery: Language and Style