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Manzoni, Caravaggio and the Lombard Realism

On Monday 20th May 2019, at 6 pm, our Institute will host the launch of the book ‘Un romanzo per gli occhi. Manzoni, Caravaggio e la fabbrica del realismo’, by Daniela Brogi, Carocci 2018. Riccardo Donati and Tomaso Montanari, chaired by the Rector of the University for foreigners of Siena Pietro Cataldi, will discuss on the relations among words and images; on the impact of the Lombard figurative tradition in the works of the most famous writer of that region; and about themes and issues of the Borromaic age of reformations in customs and behaviours of the religious and ecclesiastical institutions and of the people. Download here for more details.


Manzoni and Caravaggio