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‘Lourdes: the miracles stories’: the book launch

By 26 November 2017January 19th, 2018Conferences

Next Wednesday 6th December 2017, 5 pm, at the Biblioteca di Storia moderna e contemporanea in Rome, Lucia Ceci (Universit√† di Roma ‘Tor Vergata’) and Sofia Boesch Gajano (Centro Europeo di Studi Agiografici, Rieti) will discuss the book of the winner of our Award for the religious history, 2015 edition, Alessandro Di Marco, ‘Lourdes: the miracles stories. Origin and development of a worldwide devotion’, Firenze University Press 2016. The launch will be chaired by Patrizia Rusciani, director of the same library. Download here the program for more details.


'Lourdes: the miracles stories': the book launch