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Announcement of selection for one scholarship, IInd semester 2014

By 31 May 2014April 20th, 2015Announcements

Announcement of selection for one scholarship at the Sangalli Institute for the history and religious cultures II semester 2014

The Sangalli Institute for the history and religious cultures offers for the second semester 2014 a pre-tax scholarship of 6.000,00 (six thousand) euros.

The scholarship is addressed to already qualified Italian and Foreign Ph.Ds, excluded people over 35 years old at the expiration date of this announcement. Applications of candidates who have a regular job or a piecework or another Italian or Foreign scholarship will not be taken into account, because they could impede the activity of research.

Applications must offer a detailed description of the research plan on these precise subjects:

  1. Religious history, with reference to matters or issues of the following historical eras: Middle Ages, Early Modern and Modern Ages
  2. Studies on the cultural, literary and linguistic aspects of the different religion denominations, with clear and evident reference to the historical context.

Applications must be sent by midday of 25th June 2014, esclusively by e-mail, at the following address: Applications will receive an immediate receipt.

Applications must include, esclusively in digital format:

  • a certificate proving the achievement of the Italian or Foreign Ph.D;
  • a copy of the doctoral thesis, in pdf format;
  • a copy of at most 3 (three) scientific publications, in pdf format;
  • a CV, with the personal data of the candidate and information about his/her studies, researches and jobs, together with other information to outline his/her scientific and professional profile;
  • a recommendation letter by a renowned scholar of his/her academic discipline;
  • eventually a self-certification of specific situations of need and difficulty, that will be treated within the law of privacy, to match the charitable purposes of the Institute;
  • the research plan, with the precise indication of its steps, the published and un-published materials will be used and their presence in archives and/or libraries (10.000 characters at most).

Incomplete or delayed applications will be excluded from the selection.

In case of two or more worthy applications of the same quality level, the candidates could be summoned for an interview, in order to better examine his/her capacity and attitude towards the researches.

The scholarship will be appointed by the 15th July and will be pay in two tranches: one at the beginning of the semester and the second at the end, after the submission of a final report, clearly illustrating that the research is at an advanced and formalized stage.

The results of the selection will be published on the web site of the Institute, with the precise indication of the classification of the qualified candidates.

The scholarship holder must send to the Presidency of the Institute a report on the progresses of his/her researches at the mid-term of the scholarship, and a final report. The failure to comply with the delivery of the reports at the schedules times or with their approval by the Institute will involve the interruption or the revocation of the second tranche of the scholarship.

The Sangalli Institute for the history and religious cultures will expect to be cited in every scientific publications resulting of the scholarship granted by the Institute itself to the holder.

The scholarship holder is not obliged to stay uninterruptedly in Florence, but he/she must participate to every scientific activities of the Institute, during the period of his/her scholarship.

Florence, 31st May 2014
The Executive Board