The ‘Sangalli Institute Award for the Religious History 2018’: the merit ranking

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The merit ranking of the 'Sangalli Institute Award for the Religious History 2018' (two winners) Carlos Henrique Alves Cruz (primo premio)Marco Papasidero (secondo premio)Alberto SciglianoDennj SoleraEleonora CappuccilliGiuseppe AccardiGiuseppe Campagna -…

Young Scholars Florence Fellowships 2019: the results

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Here are the results of the 'Young Scholars Florence Fellowships 2019' 15th January-30th June / 15th September-15th December 2019 Mariana García Palacios (Universidad de Buenos Aires - Argentina) 'Children and Childhood…

Kant in Russia in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries

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Almost at the same time, on Thursday 13th December, at 4.30 pm, in Milan, at the Veneranda Biblioteca Ambrosiana, don Stefano Caprio, Giovanni Codevilla and Renato Pettoello will present the…

The Medici and Spain in the Early Modern Era

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On Thursday 13th December, at 5 pm, at the Institute, our Director Massimo Carlo Giannini and Francesco Martelli, Florence State Archives, will present the book 'Los Medici y España. Príncipes, embajadores…

“Lest I might some day appear to myself wholly and solely a mere man of words”

(Plato, Seventh Letter, 328C)

Sangalli Institute

The Sangalli Institute for the religious history and cultures is a secular and non-religious institution, addressed to the knowledge and the study of the history and the religious cultures, without distinction between any religious denomination.

It has been created thanks to the generosity of the Sangalli family from Rogno (Bergamo, Italy). The dedication is intended to honour the memory of its members, who, still alive, could express their generosity with relevant donations with charity purposes.

The Sangalli Institute was born in April 2014. Among its goals, there is the purpose to favour and promote, in Italy and abroad, the socio-religious studies both in a long-period historical perspective, in a multi and inter-disciplinary view; and in a larger cultural dimension, open to the comparison and the inter-religious dialogue.

The results of its studies will be disseminated by any possible means of communication, like seminars, congresses, conferences, lessons, publications and internet, in order to particularly support the activity of young scholars.

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