“Lest I might some day appear to myself wholly and solely a mere man of words”

(Plato, Seventh Letter, 328C)

Convegni e Seminari

‘Religions and Citizenship’: I° course for school teachers, Florence 28th-29th August 2020

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We re-start our activities in presence with an intensive course addressed to secondary school teachers of the Tuscany Region, within the project 'Training to know, knowing to live together. Religions…

Goethe and Islam

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On Friday 28th February 2020, at 6 pm, our Institute will host the launch of the book by Francesca Bocca-Aldaqre and Pietrangelo Buttafuoco 'Sotto il suo passo nascono i fiori.…

Jewish Siena in the Early Modern Age

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On Thursday 27th February 2020, from 9 am, a conference dedicated to the Sienese Jewish life during the early modern history will take place in Siena. Divided between the local…

Borse e Premi

The Central Archives of the Religious Orders: lectures, workshops, guided tours

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New appointment with a Roman weekly workshop wishing to propitiate the approach of the young scholars in Humanities to the knowledge and the use of the central archives of the…

Young Scholars Florence Fellowships 2019: the results

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Here are the results of the 'Young Scholars Florence Fellowships 2019' 1st March-30th June / 15th September-15th December 2019 Mariana García Palacios (Universidad de Buenos Aires - Argentina) 'Children and Childhood…

The ‘Sangalli Institute Award for the Religious History 2019’: the merit ranking

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The merit ranking of the 'Sangalli Institute Award for the Religious History 2019' (two winners) Jacopo De Santis (first award) Giulia Vidori (second award) Davi Chang Ribeiro Lin Davide Esposito…
21 May 2020

A escola do diabo

22 April 2020

Translatio Sanctitatis

4 June 2020

Un’eternità di Grazia. The Montini-La Pira correspondence

12 March 2019

Report of the 2018 workshop for young researchers

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