Islam, a religion of love or hate?

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Next Thursday 28th of September at 6 pm, our Institute will host the first national launch of the book of the Syrian renowned scholar Ferial Mouhanna, Damascus University: a new and original study that, with precise reference to the Qu’ran sources, aims to debunk many stereotypes upon Islam and to frame the following ‘encrustations’ of the Sacred Text in their right ethnical and historical contexts. The author will discuss with prof. Paolo Branca, from Università cattolica del Sacro Cuore of Milan, one of our most prominent scholar of Islam and oriental studies, coordinated by Maria Cristina Carratù, journalist at ‘la Repubblica’. Download here the program for more details.

‘Florence in the Religious Crisis of the Sixteenth Century’: call for participation of 10 young scholars

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The Sangalli Institute, aiming to promote the participation of young scholars to the intenational conference ‘Florence in the Religious Crisis of the Sixteenth Century. From the Death of Savonarola to the Coronation of Cosimo I’, which will take place from the 23rd to the 25th of November 2017, with the support and in collaboration with our Institute, offers to 10 young researchers a grant for travel and living expenses in order to attend the three-days-conference. Deadline: 10th October 2017. Download the call for more details.

‘Reforming Religions in the Modern World’. Workshop for young researchers

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Here is the third edition of our workshop for young researchers, who will be gathered from 11th to 13th September 2017 in Florence discussing their topics together with renowned Italian and foreign scholars. With ‘Reforming Religions in the Modern World (XVIth-XVIIIth centuries)’, scientifically coordinated by Massimo Carlo Giannini and Maurizio Sangalli, starting from the Lutheran anniversary of this year, the aim of our Institute is to widen the attention also to the reforming initiatives among Judaism and Islam, together with the different ways of Christianity, encouraging interesting comparisons. This year, the workshop is financially supported also by the Italian Jewish Communities Union, the Waldensian Church of Florence and the Protestant Cultural Centre ‘Pietro Martire Vermigli’. Download here the program for more details.

‘Sangalli Institute Award for the Religious History 2017’ – Call for publications

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Here is the third edition of the ‘Sangalli Institute Award for the Religious History’, in collaboration with the Department of University and Research of the Municipality of Florence and under the auspices of the same Municipality. Also this year, our award is joining the ‘Premio Ricerca Città di Firenze’ and it is addressed to young Italian and Foreign researchers, offering them the possibility of publishing two books concerning the religious history from Middle Ages to the Contemporary Era, in an inter-disciplinary and inter-religious perspective. The essays will appear in a dedicated book series of the Firenze University Press. This year, on the judging panel also some renowned Foreign scholars. Deadline: 1st November 2017.

“Lest I might some day appear to myself wholly and solely a mere man of words”

(Plato, Seventh Letter, 328C)

Sangalli Institute

The Sangalli Institute for the religious history and cultures is a secular and non-religious institution, addressed to the knowledge and the study of the history and the religious cultures, without distinction between any religious denomination.

It has been created thanks to the generosity of the Sangalli family from Rogno (Bergamo, Italy). The dedication is intended to honour the memory of its members, who, still alive, could express their generosity with relevant donations with charity purposes.

The Sangalli Institute was born in April 2014. Among its goals, there is the purpose to favour and promote, in Italy and abroad, the socio-religious studies both in a long-period historical perspective, in a multi and inter-disciplinary view; and in a larger cultural dimension, open to the comparison and the inter-religious dialogue.

The results of its studies will be disseminated by any possible means of communication, like seminars, congresses, conferences, lessons, publications and internet, in order to particularly support the activity of young scholars.

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