The ‘Sangalli Institute Award for the Religious History 2016’: the merit ranking

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The ‘Sangalli Institute Award for the Religious History 2016’: the merit ranking (two winners)

First award: Bruno Pomara, “Rifugiati. I moriscos e l’Italia (1550-1650)”

Second award: Vera Pozzi, “Il ruolo delle accademie ecclesiastiche nella ricezione del kantismo nell’Impero russo. I casi di I.Ja. Vetrinskij e P.D.Jurkevič”

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Movies and interreligious dialogue: our new award at the Festival dei Popoli 2016

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‘The gaze of the other. The challenge of dialogue between cultures and religions’ is the new award that our Institute has decided to assign in occasion of the prestigious kermesse of the Festival dei Popoli, the festival of the documentary film, which will take place in Florence from 25th November to 2nd December 2016. The award gets involved both Italian and foreign movies and aims to recommend the intercultural and interreligious topics and their expressions in the world of movies.

For and together with Xenio Toscani. Men, Lands, Faith

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It is with pleasure that we announce for the next Friday 25th November 2016, at 3 pm, in collaboration with the Istituto Paolo VI of Concesio (Bs), a conference to celebrate the 75 y.o. anniversary of Xenio Toscani, full professor of Modern History at the University of Pavia and then at the Università cattolica del Sacro Cuore of Milan. Renowned Italian and foreign scholars, together with his disciples, will discuss upon the topics of his researches from the Sixties till today, the religious history, the socio-cultural history of clergy, the history of education till his last works on the figure of Giovan Battista Montini. Download here the program for more details.

For our first two years of activity: the press conference

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Next Wednesday 19th October, at midday, in the Sala Macconi of Palazzo Vecchio in Florence, the Municipaly will host our Institute for a press conference that will be the occasion to make an assessment of the first two years of activity and to launch the ‘Florence Short Term Fellowships Program’: the vice-mayor Cristina Giachi, our president Maurizio Sangalli, the scientific director of the program Massimo Carlo Giannini, the vice-president of the Ente Cassa di risparmio di Firenze Pier Luigi Rossi Ferrini and the responsible of the R.F. Kennedy International House of Human Rights Florence Danila Paladino will illustrate it to the journalists and to the participants, together with the first two scholars who are already arrived in Florence for their residential month, prof. Abdullah Ibrahim from Qatar and prof. Jonas Otterbeck from Sweden. Download here the invitation to the press conference.

“Lest I might some day appear to myself wholly and solely a mere man of words”

(Plato, Seventh Letter, 328C)

Sangalli Institute

The Sangalli Institute for the religious history and cultures is a secular and non-religious institution, addressed to the knowledge and the study of the history and the religious cultures, without distinction between any religious denomination.

It has been created thanks to the generosity of the Sangalli family from Rogno (Bergamo, Italy). The dedication is intended to honour the memory of its members, who, still alive, could express their generosity with relevant donations with charity purposes.

The Sangalli Institute was born in April 2014. Among its goals, there is the purpose to favour and promote, in Italy and abroad, the socio-religious studies both in a long-period historical perspective, in a multi and inter-disciplinary view; and in a larger cultural dimension, open to the comparison and the inter-religious dialogue.

The results of its studies will be disseminated by any possible means of communication, like seminars, congresses, conferences, lessons, publications and internet, in order to particularly support the activity of young scholars.

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