Women and veils, yesterday and today. Between East and West

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The Sangalli Institute is pleased to announce a series of conferences on ‘Women and veils among cultures and religions’: the first debate will take place next Thursday 30th March at 5.30 pm in our headquarters. Maria Giuseppina Muzzarelli and Anna Vanzan will discuss upon the tradition of the veil in Middle Ages and Early Modern Western Europe and in the contemporary Middle Eastern area, according to their books ‘A capo coperto. Storie di donne e veli’, il Mulino 2016; and ‘Primavere rosa. Rivoluzioni e donne in Medio Oriente’, Il Libraccio 2013. Download here the program for more details.

Workshop call for papers ‘Reforming Religions in the Modern World. Jews, Christians, Muslims’

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Inspired by the 500th anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation, the Sangalli Institute offers 12 grants for young researchers who whish to participate to the workshop ‘Reforming Religions in the Modern World. Jews, Christians, Muslims (16th-18th Centuries)’. The workshop will take place at our Institute from September 11st to 13rd 2017, with the participation of renowned Italian and foreign scholars: download the call for papers for more details.

The Lyric Poetry and the Sacred between Middle Ages and Renaissance

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On Friday 7th April 2017, some young researchers from the Universities of Edinburgh, Padua and Sapienza in Rome will organize a one-day conference based upon ‘The Lyric Poetry and the Sacred from Middle Ages to Renaissance (XIIIth-XVIth centuries)’: the poems of the origins, the sermons, the Latin and Italian lyric poetry, the spirituality, the heterodoxy and Reformation in early modern times will be the topics of the conference. The participants will discuss their papers with some renowned scholars of the history of literature and language. Download here the program for more details.

The Christian Poetry of Ol’ga Aleksandrovna Sedakova

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Next Monday 6th March 2017, at 3 pm, Vera Pozzi of the University of Milan and winner of the 2016 edition of our Award for the religious history will have a lecture on ‘I need nothing. Tenderness means getting healthy again’. The Christian poetry of our time in the voice of Ol’ga Sedakova, upon the famous Russian female poet who has been translated and awarded also in Italy and within the Holy See. The lecture is part of a workshop fostered by the Fondazione Romualdo del Bianco of Florence and will be introduced by a presentation of our Institute and its activities to the participants by our President Maurizio Sangalli.

“Lest I might some day appear to myself wholly and solely a mere man of words”

(Plato, Seventh Letter, 328C)

Sangalli Institute

The Sangalli Institute for the religious history and cultures is a secular and non-religious institution, addressed to the knowledge and the study of the history and the religious cultures, without distinction between any religious denomination.

It has been created thanks to the generosity of the Sangalli family from Rogno (Bergamo, Italy). The dedication is intended to honour the memory of its members, who, still alive, could express their generosity with relevant donations with charity purposes.

The Sangalli Institute was born in April 2014. Among its goals, there is the purpose to favour and promote, in Italy and abroad, the socio-religious studies both in a long-period historical perspective, in a multi and inter-disciplinary view; and in a larger cultural dimension, open to the comparison and the inter-religious dialogue.

The results of its studies will be disseminated by any possible means of communication, like seminars, congresses, conferences, lessons, publications and internet, in order to particularly support the activity of young scholars.

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